Vegetable / Chicken and Rice Peasant Soup

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Comforting soup packed with vegetables, rice, and (optional) chicken.

Comforting, cooking for a crowd, kid-friendly, hardy soup packed with vegetables, rice and chicken for satisfying lunch.

When I get knocked around a little by life, I head to the kitchen to make soup or to bake. I’m convinced that soup, cookies, and cake are the original comfort foods, not just as hugs from my own childhood, but from all the generations of women in my family that cooked in kitchens before me.

I made this soup last week for a friend who was ill, and wrote it up as an article for Ask Miss A web magazine. Yes, yes, yes, I know, it’s written as a chicken rice soup, but I’m still cooking in my home for both vegetarians and carnivores, and really it’s so easy to make it vegetarian. For generations, soup has been an efficient peasant food; a way to cook up scraps of vegetables, meat or fish in a broth, and frequently stretched with legumes, pasta, bread, rice or whole grains. Ribollita from Italy comes to mind, as does a Hungarian goulash made with meat, potatoes and noodles.

If you’re needing a little comfort in your life, or know someone who does, go here for the recipe.



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  1. Rebecca says

    Heading out to get the rest of the ingredients now. *I* am in the mood for a little comfort food myself!

  2. Rebecca says

    Wow — this is ridiculously good! I used (homemade) chicken broth, omitted the step with the bones, and used whole-wheat orzo because I had it on hand. Amazing! I was a tad concerned about the avocado and lime, but they add a light “zing.” This is going on my soup rotation. Thanks. :)

    • says

      I’m sooooo excited that you made this soup so quickly, Rebecca!!! You really made my day. And I’m so glad you liked it. Yay!!! Yeah, the avocado adds a little *creaminess* without the cream, and the lime just sharpens those flavors. Best of all, it’s a forgiving soup, and welcomes little twists and shortcuts, as you found out. This was actually a riff on a quinoa soup I made a couple of years ago – which I still haven’t gotten around to adding to my blog :-) Someday I need to do that :-) Thanks again!!
      The Wimpy Vegetarian recently posted..Vegetable / Chicken and Rice Peasant Soup My Profile

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