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Slow-Cooker Asparagus Risotto

Instructions for cooking up a creamy risotto in a slow-cooker. Who knew you could cook up a fabulous risotto in a slow cooker with almost no stirring? Not me, that’s for sure. Because of the kitchen remodel, one of my favorite kitchen tools right now […]

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Slow-Cooker Chickpeas

how to cook chickpeas in the slow cooker

Instructions on how to cook chickpeas in the slow-cooker – my new favorite way of cooking any legume. Have you seen the commercials for direcTV? I’m talking about the ones with far-fetched hypothetical scenarios that lead to misfortunes as a result of cable TV service […]

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Slow-Cooker Black Bean Soup

slow-cooker black bean soup

Secret Recipe Club: Easy black bean soup cooked in the slow cooker! Eliminate the Chipotle Cream drizzle to veganize. I was hit with flu this week with all its fever, muscle aches, and generally feeling like roadkill regalia. In one short week I went from […]

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