Spinach & Garlic Chickpea Pancakes with Sriracha Yogurt

Chickpea pancakes filled with garlic, scallions and spinach, and topped with Sriracha Yogurt.

I admit that when I first saw this week's Pancake theme with The Food Network's #ComfortFoodFest, I thought about ricotta pancakes studded with blackberries and one of my very favorites - soufflé pancakes scented with lemon and served with a berry compote. And then I remembered how much I love chickpea pancakes, and decided on a healthier, savory flapjack. Chickpea pancakes, made with chickpea flour, are a little edgy here in the States, and frequently associated with vegans or vegetarians, ...

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Farinata Comfort

Farinata Comfort Slider 900 X 600

Traditional Italian appetizer, reminiscent of a savory pancake using chickpea flour, flavored with garlic and rosemary. Today was my first day back home after a week spent across the country with my sister-in-law as she faced down some difficult surgery. Spending that much time in a hospital among endless tubes, wires and beeping, as I witnessed the struggle of life, was a major reality check. I walked gleaming wide halls ...

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