The Perfect “His and Hers” Steak Dinner

cauliflower steaks with kale pesto on citrus salad

Cauliflower steaks, dry rubbed with chipotle spice, topped with a kale pesto and browned butter breadcrumbs, and laid over a citrus salad. There are challenges to shifting your eating patterns if you’re the only one in your family making that shift. This time last year, I was trying to be 100% vegetarian, while Myles patiently stayed on the sidelines waiting for me to come to my ...

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Browned Butter Breadcrumbs

how to make your own breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs for your pantry that have been sautèed in browned butter. These are the most amazing breadcrumbs you might ever make. And so easy too. They boast a heavier flavor than the Gremolata version of my breadcrumbs, but can be used similarly but paired with dishes that stands up well to butter. A great example is how I used them over this Broccoli Rabe dish. A Few Cooking Notes: When browning ...

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