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Join the Ugly Food Movement with Eden Juices

Meet Eden. Eden is a new environmentally friendly company that makes fresh, cold-pressed juices from ‘ugly food’ — imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables that don’t meet strict appearance requirements for a discriminating public.   What’s the big deal with ‘Ugly Food’? It may surprise you to learn […]

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Cucumber-Watercress Soup: #SundaySupper

cucumber watercress soup gazpacho

Chilled cucumbers and watercress soup blended with Greek yogurt and buttermilk, topped with salsa for a hot summer night. Time to chill out! Hot summer days are here with trips to the beach with cartons of sunblock and beer, picnics in the country, and sylvan […]

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The Writing Process Blog Tour Continues

I’m not much of a chain letter type of girl. I wasn’t good at it when I was young when it involved literally writing 20 identical letters and posting them off with a stamp and envelope, and I’m still not good with this genre as […]

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Blog CookOff! Cookbook #Giveaway: Spiced & Seasons by Rinku Bhattacharya

To catch any of you newbies up on this Blog CookOff, I was invited by Hippocrene Books, a well-known publisher of international cookbooks, to participate in a Blog-CookOff to celebrate the new release of Spices and Seasons, Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavors by Rinku Bhattacharya. During Week #1 of the […]

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Last Day for Google Reader!

We’ve been moving our home life lately, so I haven’t been able to write, photograph, and frankly haven’t even cooked very much. My days instead have been spent packing boxes, driving them to our new home, and trying to figure out where on earth our […]

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Starbucks, Bring Back My Carbs !

Starbucks spinach pastry

Those of you who are regular readers of The Wimpy Vegetarian will no doubt have run across various references to Susan’s spouse, the resolute carnivore.  That’s me.  I am really an omnivore, but lean (no pun intended) towards the meat-eater side of the table.  But […]

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White Christmas

We arrived in Tahoe to a snow storm that closed roads due to avalanches. After two days of storming while we sat by the fire and savored the glory of it all, we woke to brilliant sunshine. I took some photos of the glistening snow […]

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Holding Life a Little Closer

Life unarguably goes on, even in the face of horrific tragedy. Tomorrow the alarm will blare, we will go to work, stop at the grocery store, and run some errands; and I will resume with a new recipe. But even in this world where wars, […]

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Gifts From the Kitchen – #SundaySupper Gift Ideas for You

Gifts From the Kitchen

 As we roll into a time of the year where we exchange gifts with friends and family, nothing warms the heart more than a personal gift from the kitchen. Last year I posted a series a Gifts From the Kitchen, including snacks, fruit butters, spice […]

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Food Bloggers Support for Sandy – #FBS4Sandy

With every fresh wave of photos I see from the devastation left in the wake of Sandy, I’m stunned anew by the images. It’s hard to grasp from 3000 miles away how much people have lost, and how long it will take to recover. It’s […]

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Learning Something New


What would you like to learn how to make in 2012? It could be something complicated like puff pastry. Or something more practical like canning the vegetables from your garden. Or baking your own bread. For me, I love yogurt and would love to develop […]

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Thanksgiving: An Invitation To A Global Feast

Every once in awhile, a book will show up unannounced on my doorstep, thoughtfully selected by my cousin for me. It sometimes arrives unexpectedly, and is always a welcome surprise. Earlier this year, one of her gifts was 97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five […]

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