Last Day for Google Reader!


W e’ve been moving our home life lately, so I haven’t been able to write, photograph, and frankly haven’t even cooked very much. My days instead have been spent packing boxes, driving them to our new home, and trying to figure out where on earth our stuff will actually go. Downsizing is freeing, but is best described as a process of being freed. And when more than one person’s stuff is involved, that process can become epic with moments of drama :-) I’ll be back with you this coming week, and I’m excited about getting back into the kitchen!

There’s another move of sorts in the winds right now, one you may already have planned for. As of tomorrow, July 1, 2013, Google Reader is shutting down.  

If you follow my blog (and others’) and use Google Reader, you have a few choices:

1. You can follow my blog through email (I have a couple of options on my home page).

2. You can switch readers if you like to aggregate the blogs you follow. I’ve experimented with a few, and the one I like the best by far is  Bloglovin’. They make it VERY easy to migrate your Google Reader subscriptions over to their services.

I should add that you can absolutely follow my blog through any other reader service (and I hope you do!). But if you have everything coming through Google Reader, you’ll want to migrate those feeds pronto!

Moving your blog subscriptions from Google Reader to Bloglovin:

It’s amazingly simple. I just followed the directions on bloglovin’ when I signed up. They were clear and easy to follow. But if something goes sideways, as can happen when a computer is involved, just go here if you aren’t automatically directed.

One of the cool things about Bloglovin’ is the ability to organize the blogs you follow into categories. If you don’t want any email notifications, you can select that on the profile you set up at Bloglovin’ (which can be found where you see the ‘heart’ icon). Other email options are offered, with the default as one email per day listing new posts that day for the blogs you subscribe to through Bloglovin’.

If you’re already on Bloglovin’, you can easily follow my blog there by clicking here:  Follow my blog with Bloglovin’

See you later this week with a new recipe!




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  1. lizthechef June 30, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    Hope you can take a break soon, Susan – I have been thinking of you and Myles. We are gearing up for our (only) bathroom remodel and have to box up ALL my mom’s and grandmother’s dishes that are on the opposing wall. Who wants some dishes? Sort of kidding..
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    • The Wimpy Vegetarian June 30, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

      My break officially begins tomorrow. Sort of. We still have boxes, but I’m returning to my life, boxes or not. I still have my mom’s and great-grandmother’s china sets. No way I’m parting with them. I TOTALLY feel for you with the process you and Larry are beginning! Our remodel in Tahoe is still unfinished. We’d be a lot closer if our contractor hadn’t dropped something on the the door of my brand new Viking oven and broken the glass though….
      The Wimpy Vegetarian recently posted..Last Day for Google Reader!My Profile

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